itap.jpgLet’s face it, the night before Thanksgiving is amateur night. Oh, don’t be coy, you remember how it was: It was your first or second Thanksgiving back from college and now you’re home hanging out with people from high school. Next thing you know you had too many Jagerbombs and you’re puking all while trying to fight some dude. It’s Skanksgiving.


But what about those of us that want to have a fine beverage on a Wednesday evening all while avoiding those that don’t know how to responsibly enjoy their alcohol? Well, how about you join the rest of us at the International Tap House in Chesterfield this Wednesday, November 21st as Perennial Artisan Ales throws a kick-off party for the release of this year’s version of their Mexican-chocolate stout known as Abraxas.

iTAP will be serving up not only the 2012 version of Abraxas, but also a keg of the 2011 version as well. And if that’s not enough, Perennial head brewer Cory King has also made up a cask of Vanilla Bean Imperial Stout. This is the base beer that is used to make Abraxas before the spicing is added.

All of the festivities begin at 6PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself before the dreaded Skanksgiving begins.