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So I asked my 22 year-old sister if she wanted to review a label, and guess what label she picked out? Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen.

Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen

OH! EM! GEE! RASPBERRIES!!! Beer usually tastes super gross, but any time you put fruit in it, it’ll make it, like, a million times better. Blueberries, raspberries, doesn’t matter. Raspberries are even better cause they make me think of that Prince song.

RASPBERRY BERET! da da da da da da da store. RASPBERRY BERET! I have to text Jennifer that we’re doing this the next time we go to karaoke! You should have seen it, last time, at karaoke, Jennifer was super drunk and was singing “Summer Loving” with Mason and SHE TOTALLY THREW UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG!

It was freaking hilarious, but she got real worried cause she kinda likes Mason and I think Mason kinda likes her, but they’re being all weird about it. I told her not to worry cause Mason threw up at the bar last weekend in front of everyone. Then I told her to just let him put his D in her V and get it over with, right? Ugh, drama.

So anyways, Prince is super hot, even though, he’s like 60. Oh my God! Let’s play fuck, marry, kill but with only older dudes. Okay, how about Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, and Wilford Brimley? I would totes fuck Wilford Brimley. Think of how crazy that mustache ride would be! HE’D PROBABLY DIE DURING IT BECAUSE OF HIS DIABETES! LOLOLOL!!

Oh damn, I didn’t even think about diabetes. How many diabetes are in a bottle of Raspberry Hefeweizen? Do diabetes make you fat? HOLY SHIT, they don’t even have that nutrition label thing on the bottle. How am I supposed to know if this will make me fat? I have no idea how many calories are in a raspberry or a hefeweizen!

To be safe, I guess I’ll buy one six pack of this, but only drink like 2, and give the rest to that fat bitch Tara. If you’re watching your figure like I am, you should only drink vodka and red bulls. If you don’t give a shit like the fat bitch Tara, then you’ll probably drink, like, a hundred of these raspberries.

(Ed. note: there is not a Buyability Scale™ score because my sister is “not good at math.”)

Without a doubt, we have some some restaurants in town that have quickly become institutions. I doubt many among us wouldn’t quickly and happily recommend Pappy’s Smokehouse, Pi Pizzeria, or Bailey’s Chocolate Bar to out of town visitors.   These are new classics here in our area.

So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that 4 Hands Brewing Company would want to work with the owners of these restaurants to create some new and exciting collaborations. The start of these collaborations began with PiPA, a new American Pale Ale created exclusively for Pi Pizzeria.

Next up after that is a Smoked Rye Porter brewed with malt that will be smoked (alongside a few racks of ribs) by Mike Emerson of Pappy’s Smokehouse.  This beer, named the Smoked Pigasus, will be available this September along with a trio of candied bacon created by Kakao Chocolate, Salume Beddu, and The Shaved Duck.

To round out the new beers this fall, 4 Hands will work with Dave Bailey, owner of the aforementioned Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, and also Bailey’s Range, Bridge, and Rooster to create a beer featuring sweet potatoes, vanilla beands, nutmeg, and all spice. Dave Bailey has offered up his commissary kitchen to help bake the 300lbs of sweet potatoes that will be needed for this fall seasonal.

With creative new beers like these, there is no doubt that 4 Hands will become a new classic as well.

Attention beer geeks & peeps.  Bringing to you anther installment of “This Week in Label Approvals.”  This week wasn’t as busy as last however I have a few potential upcoming beers that you may want to be on the look out for.

**As always disclaimer time** The labels here aren’t a guarantee that we will see these beers in StL or even in the Metro East please view with caution and enjoy!!

– Fantastic Voyage – Perennial Artisan Ales (Beergoggles original well tweaked anyway!)

– Holy Moly – Cathedral Brewing Co.  (Label Refresh)

– Iglesia Agave Golden Ale – Cathedral Brewing Co.  (Label Refresh)

– White Ale – Cathedral Brewing Co.  (Label Refresh)

– Hazel Brown – Sam Adams Brewing

– *Draft* Billy’s Beer – New Belgium Lips of Faith Series



While it’s fun to be on the hunt to try and find that special or fun beer, it can be pretty tiring. Well, you can stop running all around town and visit Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves (and also now in St. Charles!) to see something cool on tap. Llywelyn’s is continuing their program that they’ve been calling “A Brew You Never Knew.”

Each Wednesday, Llywelyn’s will feature a single beer on draught that may have been overlooked or in some cases is the only draught version of that beer in town. It’ll be a chance to re-visit an old favorite or even discover something you’ve never had before.

This week Llyweyln’s in Webster will be featuring the Deschutes Twilight on draft. While the St. Charles location will be serving up Civil Life British Bitter So, if you’re looking for something special without all of the lists and missed opportunities, make sure to stop into Llywelyn’s in St. Charles or Webster tonight!

Both International Tap House locations will host Summit Brewing Company  “Keep the Pint” nights this week. You can grab these pint glasses made exclusively for the St. Louis market at the Chesterfield location on Tuesday, May 29th starting at 6PM.

Want to stay closer to the city? Well they’ve got you covered at the Soulard location also. Come out to Soulard on Thursday, May 31 at 6PM and you can grab one there.

Summit will be pouring:

  • Oatmeal Stout Nitro
  • Maibock
  • Unchained #9 Dunkel Weizen

For those of you that are looking to add another glass to your ever growing collections, be sure not to miss out on these very special glasses.

This week on the STL Hops Twitter

Stuff from around the web

  • CNN picks St. Louis (and Schlafly’s Pork Shop) as a Memorial Day getaway.
  • Miami AB distributor sold to locally owned Major Brands.

Retail Beer Releases

  • deVine Wines & Spirits (5/25/2012)
    • 2nd Shift Unicorn Killer Saison
    • 2nd Shift El Gato
    • 2nd Shift Cat Spit Stout
    • 2nd Shift Hibiscus Wit
    • Avery 18th Anniversary Wood Aged DIPA
    • Bell’s Oberon
    • Bell’s Two Hearted IPA
    • Corsendonk Brown Abbey Ale
    • Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale
    • Deschutes Hop Henge IPA 22oz.
    • Deschutes The Stoic 22oz.
    • Deschutes Inversion IPA 6pks
    • Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale 6pks
    • Deschutes Black Butte Porter 6pks
    • Founders Cerise
    • Founders Double Trouble
    • Green Flash Imperial IPA
    • Green Flash Palate Wrecker
    • Green Flash Saison Diego
    • Green Flash Barleywine
    • Green Flash Trippel
    • Green Flash Hop Head Red
    • Green Flash West Coast IPA
    • Green Flash Rayon Vert Pale Ale
    • Goose Island Lolita 22oz.
    • Goose Island Summertime
    • Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot
    • Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy 12pks
    • Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy 6pks
    • Nebraska Barrel Aged Reserve Melange A Trois 750ml
    • Odells Mountain Standard Double Black IPA
    • Odell Myrcenary Double IPA
    • O’Fallon Kite Tail Summer Ale
    • O’Fallon Wheach
    • Perennial Saison de Lis
    • Perennial Plan B
    • Perennial Heart of Gold Wheat Wine
    • Perennial Hommel Bier
    • Shipyard Applehead
    • Six Row Whiskey Barrel Porter
    • Six Row Whale Ale
    • Six Row Porter
    • Six Row Double IPA
    • Six Row Honey Weiss
    • Steven’s Point Nude Beach
    • Steven’s Point 6 Hop IPA
    • Stone Double Bastard Ale
    • Southern Tier 2x Double Milk Stout
    • Southern Tier 2x IPA
    • Sierra Nevada Summerfest Ale
    • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 12pk Cans
    • Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA 4pk Cans
    • Tallgrass Sampler 8pks
    • Tallgrass Oasis IIPA 4pks
    • Tallgrass 8-Bit Pale Ale 4pks
  • Starrs-Richmond Heights (5/25/2012)
    • Anchor Steam Summer Ale
    • Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale
    • Grand Teton Snarling Badger Berliner Weisse 750ml
    • Linny Summer Cans
    • Linny Summner Btls
    • Lips of Faith Tart Lychee
    • Hoffbrau Maibock
    • Magic Hat Elderberry
    • Odells St. Lupulin
    • Sam Adams Porch Rocker
    • Second Shift El Gato 750ml
  • U-Gas Waterloo (5/24/12)
    • Goose Island Juliet
    • Dark Horse Brewing Crooked Tree IPA
    • Dark Horse Brewing Sapient Trip Ale
    • Green Flash West Coast IPA
    • Founders Double Trouble
    • North Coast Grand Cru
    • Scaldis Amber Ale & Triple
    • Cathedral Square Holy Moly RIS
    • Ska Modus Hoperandi
    • Perennial Hommel
    • Perennial Peace Offering
    • Perennial Saison
    • Perennial Plan B
    • Perennial Black Walnut Dunkel
    • Six Row Whale Ale
    • Six Row Double IPA
    • Six Row Porter
    • Smuttynose Variety Pack
    • Smuttynose Star Island Single
    • Smuttynose Robust Porter
    • Smuttynose IPA
    • Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale
    • Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale
    • Smuttynose BIG A IPA
    • Laughing Dog Sneaky Pete
    • Charleville Brewing Half Wit Wheat
    • Charleville Brewing Hoptimistic IPA
    • Charleville Brewing Ale Mucho Hoppo Double IPA
    • Charleville Brewing Triple Wit
    • Angry Orchard Traditional Dry & Ginger Apple & Crisp Apple
    • O’Fallon B.D.S
    • Hoppin’Frog Hop Master’s Abbey Belgian-Style Double I.P.A.
    • Ommegang Abbey Ale
    • Boulder Brewing MOJO IPA
    • Shipyard Smashed Blueberry
    • He’Brew Hop Manna IPA
  • Wine and Cheese Place (Clayton) (5/25/12)
    • Dochter Oak Aged Peated Embrasse
    • Stillwater / Mikkeller – Two Gypsies – Our Side
    • ‘t Smisje Calva Reserva
    • Great Divide 18th Anniversary Wood Aged
    • Green Flash Palate Wrecker Hamilton’s Ale
    • Crown Valley Strawberry Cider
    • Avery Nineteen Belgian Tripel
    • Avery Uncle Jacob
    • Firestone Walker Union Jack Bottled 5/17
    • Monk’s Cafe Sour Ale now in 750ml
    • Gulden Draak 9000 Quad
    • Reissdorf Kolsch 5 liter mini kegs
    • New Holland Rye Hatter
    • New Holland Farmhouse Hatter
    • New Holland Black Tulip Tripel
    • Charleville Ale Mucho Hoppo
    • Lagunitas Lucky 13
    • New Holland Black Tulip – Trippel Ale
    • Sam Adams Porch Rocker
    • Odell St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale
    • J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2008
    • J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2010
    • Baladin Super Baladin Sour Edition 2008
    • 2000 Gale’s Prize Old Ale
    • 2005 Gales Prize Old Ale
    • 2007 BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien
    • 2009 BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien
    • 2010 BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien
    • De Dolle Special Extra Export Stout
    • De Dolle Boskeun
    • Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van de Keizer 2011″Red”
    • Grand Teton Snarling Badger Berliner Weisse
    • Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere 2012

Restaurant and Bar Beer List Updates

  • Pi (Kirkwood) (5/25/2012)
    • Schlafly Pi Common (A California Common style beer exclusive to Pi restaurants)
    • Schlafly Irrationale (Kölsch)
    • Schlafly Hefeweizen
    • Schlafly Pale Ale
    • Schlafly Pilsner
    • Schlafly Summer Lager
    • Schlafly Oatmeal Stout
    • Founder’s Centennial IPA
    • New Belgium 1554
    • Bell’s Oberon
    • Boulevard Tank 7
    • Lagunitas IPA
    • Six Row Whale Ale
    • Six Row 2X IPA
    • Bud Light
    • Original Sin Cider (Gluten Free)
    • New Grist Gluten Free (Bottle)
    • Buckler NA Lager (Bottle)
  • Pi (Central West End) (5/25/12)
    • Schlafly Pi Common (A California Common stlye beer exclusive to Pi restaurants)
    • Schlafly Summer Lager
    • Schlafly Hefeweizen
    • Schlafly Ale 3.14 (Kölsch)
    • Ska Brewing Steel Toe Stout
    • Four Hands Divided Sky Rye IPA
    • Civil Life Brown Ale
    • Lips of Faith Fresh Hop (Bottle)
    • Lips of Faith Grand Abbey Cru (Bottle)
    • Stone IPA (Bottle)
    • New Belgium Fat Tire (Can)
    • Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi IPA (Can)
    • Avery ‘Joes’ Pilsner (Can)
    • Original Sin Gluten Free Cider (Bottle)
    • Bard’s Gluten Free (Bottle)
    • New Grist Gluten Free (Bottle)
    • Buckler NA Lager (Bottle)
  • The Wine Tap (05/19/12)
    • (223 e. Main Street, Belleville, IL)
      • New Holland’s “Dragon’s Milk” Imperial Stout
      • Scrimshaw Pilsner
      • Piraat Belgian Style Ale
      • Rogue “Moms Hefe” Hefeweisen
      • Schlafly “A-IPA” American Indian Pale Ale
      • Perennial “Black Walnut” Dunkelweisen – ON NITRO
      • Blue Moon Witbier
      • Guinness Stout
    • L*I*M*I*T*E*D R*E*L*E*A*S*E B*O*T*T*L*E*S
      • NEW: Perennial “Savant Beersel” American Wild Ale/Sour (750 ml)
      • NEW: Goose Island “Juliet” Belgian-Style Sour Ale (22oz)
      • Sierra Nevada “Harvest” Wet Hop Ale (24 oz)
      • Sierra Nevada “Estate” Home Grown IPA (24 oz) [99 points on RateBeer]
      • Collaboration: Sierra Nevada with Abbey of New Clairvaux: “Ovila” Quadruple Ale (750ml)
      • Collaboration: Sierra Nevada with Abbey of New Clairvaux: “Ovila” Saison Ale (750ml)
      • Rogue “OREgasmic Ale” Pale Ale | GrowYourOwn Series (22oz)
      • Rogue “Mom’s Hefe” Hefeweisen | GrowYourOwn Series (22oz)
      • New Holland “Beerhive” Tripel (22oz)
      • New Holland “Mad Hatter” India Pale Ale
      • New Holland “Golden Cap” Saison
      • New Holland “The Poet” Oatmeal Stout
      • Flying Dog “Gonzo” Imperial Porter
      • Founder’s “Dirty Bastard” Scottish Red Ale
      • Bells HopSlam Imperial Pale Ale
      • Cooper’s Best Extra Stout
      • North Coast “Scrimshaw” Pilsner
      • North Coast “Red Seal” American Pale Ale
      • Anchor Steam, Steam Beer
      • Rogue “Dead Guy” Heller Bock (22oz)
      • Samuel Smith Organic Apple Cider (20oz)
      • Unibroue “La Fin du Monde” Belgian Strong Ale
      • Chimay, White, Red, Blue (750ml)
      • Duvel Belgian Strong Ale

Brewery and Brewpub Beer List Updates

  • Kirkwood Station Brewing Company (5/25//12)
    • IPA
    • Brown Ale
    • Sugar Creek Light Lager
    • Rye APA
    • English Pale Ale
    • Blackberry Wheat
    • Märzen
    • Dunkelwiezen
    • Belgian Witte
    • Bohemian Pilsner (5/10/12)
    • Coming soon Burst Hop Blonde (Dry Hopped Blonde Ale) and The Heritage Fest IPA (all Cascade hops)
  • Trailhead Brewing Company (5/21/12)
    • Year Round House Beers:
      • Trailblazer Blond Ale
      • Riverboat Raspberry Fruit Ale
      • Trailhead Red American Amber Ale
      • Missouri Brown Ale
      • Old Courthouse Stout
    • Seasonal Selection: Maibock

Here’s a list of upcoming beer events:

Today, from 4PM to 6:30PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will hold its weekly Friday beer tasting in which they’ll be sampling: New Holland Rye Hatter, New Holland Farmhouse Hatter, New Holland Black Tulip Tripel, and Charleville Ale Mucho Hoppo. Additional information can be found at their blog.

This Saturday, Wolfbrau in St. Peters continues its “Wolfbrau’s Taste of Beer.” On select Saturdays, Wolfbrau will be featuring a single style or brewery to feature. This Saturday, from 4PM to 6PM, they’ll be featuring Avery Brewing Co out of Boulder, Colorado. For more information, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

Also on Wednesday, the Naked Vine holds a beer tasting from 5-7PM. This tasting will give you a chance to try some of Naked Vine’s offerings and is absolutely free. Check out their Twitter feed for more updates.

Once again, if you’re a retail shop, bar, restaurant, brewery or distributor and want me to list your tasting, make sure to email me at