I don’t know if you’ll believe it, but today is the 1st anniversary for Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (it’s also head brewer Florian Kuplent’s birthday!) If there is a reason I can’t believe it, it’s because it’s felt like they’ve been here much longer than one year.

It’s insane to see the amount of progress UCBC has had in just a year. It’s very exciting to see and it’s cool to know that we not only have breweries opening in St. Louis, but breweries that are thriving.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, UCBC is throwing a birthday bash.

On Saturday, February 4th, UCBC will be holding a beer festival they’re calling Wolpertinger 2012. If you don’t know what a wolpertinger is, here’s UCBC’s description:

For those of you unfamiliar with the wolpertinger; it is a small (or large depending on your perspective), primarily nocturnal mammal that inhabits the alpine forests of Bavaria. It is quite rare, but we’ve managed to work with of our hop growers in Hallertau and they’ve helped us to ‘import’ one of the little fellas for the special occasion. Being nocturnal, “Wolpie” will be making his grand appearance at the back end of the festival, which will coincide with our very limited release of his UCBC namesake “Wolpertinger 2012”, which we intimately refer to as Winged Nut on Acid, a 9.0% ABV, chestnut ale aged on Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels.

While this party is definitely a celebration of their first anniversary, UCBC wants to use the occasion to celebrate the St. Louis beer scene as a whole. So, they’ve invited out over 15 different local brewers to get in on the fun. Here’s a list of who’s attending:

  • Schlafly
  • Six Row
  • Perennial
  • Civil Life
  • Ferguson
  • Charleville
  • Buffalo
  • 4 Hands
  • Square One
  • Kirkwood Station
  • Exit 6
  • 2nd Shift
  • O’Fallon
  • Augusta
  • Cathedral Square
  • Morgan Street

This event will be running from 1PM to 6PM on Saturday, February 4th and tickets will cost you $30. You can purchase tickets by following this link here. Stay tuned next week as I’ll be giving away some tickets for this event.

Happy birthday to UCBC, looking forward to many years to come.