There is a scene in the film Meet Me in St. Louis where lovable scamp Tootie Smith discusses the proper pronunciation of St. Louis with the affable ice man. Tootie is quick to correct the ice man when he calls our fair city “St. Louie.” The ice man tells her that he has a brother spelled “Louis” but they call him “Louie.”

What the hell does this have to do with beer? Other than maybe having too much before writing this post, it brings up the patron saint of our city: Louis IX of France.  His name would also be pronounced “Louie.”  Also, August 25th is the Feast Day of Louis IX.

To celebrate this occasion, The Royale is throwing their 2nd annual Feast Day to commemorate all things awesome about St. Louis. One of those awesome things is The Civil Life Brewing Company. The Royale has teamed up with The Civil Life to create a special beer just for this event.  I’ll leave the description of the beer to Civil Life’s head brewer Dylan Mosley:

Bière Royale! This sounds like a beer I want to drink! When The Royale of South City fame contacted us about brewing up a batch of beer for them it was an easy decision. They even had a style in mind – Kolsch. Kolsch proper is a blond-colored Ale brewed in the city of Koln. It is then stored (lagered) for some time to mellow the brew and in many aspects it resembles its lager brothers and sisters.

Mike Bianca and I worked with John Fausz (Esteemed Beertender at the Royale) on the recipe keeping the Kolsch philosophy- sprinkled a few more hops in- and I think the end result is pretty darn good. Bière Royale checks in at 5%, was built from Pale Ale, Pils, Vienna, and Wheat malts, and spiced with Hops from Tettnang which give it that 35 IBU bedonkedonk. Cheers! Prost! Excelsior!

Also, they’ll be tapping two special casks of this beer including one dry-hopped with 8 ounces of Tettnanger hops and another cask with medium-toast French oak chips. All of these events begin at 12PM and will run all day long. So, no matter how you pronounce Louis, this is a great way to celebrate St. Louis.