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Category: Beer Events

itap.jpgI may not be very good at most thing outside of drinking beer, but I’m actually a pretty decent bowler. It’s not like I could join the PBA or anything, but I can hold my own when it comes to knocking down some pins.

So, when I saw that the International Tap House was holding an event called “Pumpkin Bowling” on Saturday, October 22nd beginning at 2PM, I was intrigued. I asked iTAP co-owner Brad Lobdell how would the process work. “Basically, we’ve set down a tarp and you roll a pumpkin to knock over the kegs we’ve set up. ”

“It’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

If knocking down kegs and possibly destroying some produce doesn’t interest you, iTAP will also be featuring a bevy of pumpkin beers for you to enjoy.  During the event all pumpkin beers will be $1 off and you can get a sampler paddle for $12. Here’s just a few of the beers they’ll be pouring:

  • Southern Tier Pumking
  • Schlafly Pumpkin
  • Ferguson Pumpkin
  • Charleville Witch’s Brew’mmm
  • Sam Adam Double Pumpkin

The guys from iTAP are trying to dig up a couple more pumpkin beers so you may see a some more hit the line up. If you’re a fan, Saturday will be all things pumpkin at iTAP.

Very few things are as special as the first time you do something.  It’s so mysterious and new that it seems almost alien. Creating your first cask at a brewery must be a bit of a harrowing experience.  You have no clue about how it’s going to turn out and then you release it for public scrutiny.

But, let’s be honest, these guys are professionals.  They’re brewing beer day in and day out so they know what’s up.  It’s especially neat that the guys from Ferguson Brewing Company didn’t just dump one of their everyday beers into a cask and just call it a day.  They played with it a bit and created something that sounds pretty cool. Here is Ferguson’s head brewer Josh Wilson to describe his creation:

We finally got a couple of firkins in and are about to tap our first cask beer.  Its been long overdue and Im pretty excited to see what happens to our Pecan Brown Ale when we fill the cask up with a huge amount of candied pecans and then prime it with some brown sugar.  Honestly your guess is as good as mine as to what the flavor will come out as, but if I was a gamblin man, Id guess nutty.  

The addition of brown sugar to create carbonation in the cask probably isn’t unique, but I’ve not heard of any brewery in St. Louis that’s done it before, so it’s definitely a new experience for me. If you want to try some of this cask, Ferguson will begin pouring it tomorrow, Thursday October 20th beginning at 4PM. If you haven’t visited, this is an excellent opportunity to check out their beautiful location and try some delicious beer.