Sour beers are not for everybody.  In fact, the first time many people try them they don’t even believe they’re beers. But if you’re a sour beer fan, more than likely you’re a raving lunatic looking to try every sour beer that comes your way.  One festival that I’ve seen in other parts of the country, but never in the St. Louis area has been a sour beer festival.

Until now.

On Sunday, June 12th from 1PM to 5PM, Bigelo’s Bistro in Edwardsville, IL will be throwing a Sour Sunday sour beer festival. Owner Mark Pruitt has put together a great list of sour and funky beers on draught for the day:

  • Rodenbach Grand Cru
  • New Belgium La Folie
  • New Belgium Le Terroir
  • Duchesse De Bourgogne
  • Bell’s Oarsman

One of the ones that really stands out to me is the Rodenbach Grand Cru. That’s one of my favorite beers and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on draught. Very cool stuff.

The kitchen at Bigelo’s won’t be running that Sunday, but Mark will be offering up Carbonnade a la Flamande (a delicious Belgian beef and onion stew), mini pulled pork sliders, and their house made potato chips and sweet potato chips.

And because Mark is a beer geek at heart, he’s encouraging you to bring out those sour beers that you’ve been carefully holding onto in your cellar to share. This may be called Sour Sunday, but it certainly sounds pretty sweet to me.