Let me tell you, putting on a beer dinner ain’t easy. Putting on my first one was pretty nerve-racking.  From the pairings, to the serving, to the putting butts into the seats, there is a lot that goes on.    So, I’m always wanting to give a bit a love to any place that decides to put on a dinner featuring some great craft beer.

This Thursday, June 2nd, beginning at 7PM, Boogaloo in Maplewood is putting on a beer dinner featuring 7 different beers from the Goose Island Brewery.  These 7 beers and six different courses will cost you a staggering $30.  That’s an insane deal.  If you’d like to attend, make sure to call 314-645-4803 for reservations.  At this price, this is sure to sell out fast.

Here’s a look at the menu: