Do you know this man?  His name is Jim O’Connor and he works for Bell’s Brewery.  Where Jim goes, great beer follows.  Need proof?  How about what’s got to be one of the final casks of Hopslam available in the St. Louis metro area.

Jim will be pouring this cask next Wednesday, March 30th beginning at 5PM at Bigelo’s Bistro.  And because this is always fun, Mark from Bigelo’s will be putting on a keg of Hopslam as well to give you a chance to compare and contrast the cask version to the standard draught version.

Do you need more incentive?  How about a surprise guest appearance by beer celebrity bartender Jerad Gardner?  Any time Jerad shows up for a party, you know you’re in for a good time.

So, if you’re on the east side of the river or if you’re looking for something fun to do next Wednesday night, be sure to head out to Bigelo’s.  Oh, and make sure to try the STL Hops pizza while you’re there!