SixRow_logoWoooooooo, beer!  Seriously, how can you not be excited about beer?  I mean, you’re visiting a website devoted to beer.  C’mon!

Sorry, got a little too revved up.  Anyway, back to beer.  Six Row Brewing Company will be holding a special cask event next Thursday, February 3th starting at 6PM.

They’ll be serving up a cask of their of their ESB which they’ve dry-hopped with Fuggle. Here’s a description of the beer:

“Six Row’s ESB is a smooth and creamy traditional English ale with great malty characteristics and hop aroma; bitterness isn’t the defining characteristic of this ale! Belonging to the Pale Ale group of beers, the Extra Special Bitter, or ESB, has a much more complex malt and hop character and a higher ABV than others in the group.

We used traditional English pale ale malt combined with a substantial amount of both Fuggle and Goldings hops to make this beer well balanced and easy to drink. One of the favorites of the brewers.” (ABV: 4.47%, Bitterness Units: 33.7 IBUs, Color: 8.1, Original Gravity: 11.63 degrees Plato)

The excitement is palpable.  The only visual demonstration that would accurately express how excited I am is if we had a cask of beer crashing through the wall, Kool-Aid Man style.

OK, I’ll calm down now.