burns03.tomonbar“Get yer haggis, right here. Chopped heart and lungs boiled in a wee sheeps’ stomach. Taste’s as good as it sounds. Good for what ails ya….”

Groundskeeper Willie

19 years and counting.  That’s how long Schlafly has been holding their longest running event, Burns Night, a celebration of Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns. If you’ve never attended, make sure that next Tuesday, January 25th is open on your calendar, because this is an event you do not want to miss.

Beginning at 5pm, you’ll start to see a bunch of people proudly sporting the tartan ready to get their fill of Scottish delights such as haggis, shepherd’s pie and scotch eggs. Then sit back and listen as St. Louis Brewery co-founder Tom Schlafly recites his yearly poem and make sure to enjoy the release of this year’s addition of the Scotch Ale.

So dust off your bagpipe and your kilt and get your arse to the Tap Room on Tuesday night (but don’t get there too late or you won’t find a seat downstairs.)