hopslam.jpgUnlike the dreaded Yellow Fever or Pac Man Fever, Hopslam fever is real and it’s begun affecting St. Louis.  Some of the symptoms include: humulus hallucinations, maltalgesia, and irritability at local distributors.  But the Stable, has your cure.

On Friday, January 21st, beginning at 6PM, The Stable will begin pouring a very special cask of Bell’s Brewery’s Hopslam.  As far as I know, this is the only cask of Hopslam that will be coming into the St. Louis area.  It’s also the first one we’ve had in two years.

And just a word of advice, if the last Hopslam cask is any idea of how fast this will go, I wouldn’t show up after 6:45PM and expect to get a drink of this beer.  If you’re getting crazed over the fact you haven’t been able to enjoy Hopslam yet, just think how sick you’ll feel if you miss this.