This Friday, May 21st, starting at 6PM, Buffalo Brewing Company will be releasing the first in their experimental series that they’ve dubbed the “Open Range Series.”

This is a new series of beers that will, according to new assistant brewer Jerid Saffell, “be spontaneously released throughout the year.” They’re not going to limit their imaginations for these beers and we’ve been promised that they’ll “encompass a vast amounts of styles.”

The first beer to be tapped at 6PM will be the Buffalo Tracks American Wheat. Here’s Jerid’s description of the beer:

Is it a Wheat beer with a hop problem, or a IIPA with an affinity for wheat? You get to be the judge. 4 malts (American 2 Row, Golden Promise, White Wheat, and Honey Malt) set the backdrop at an A.B.V. of 8%. Backing up all that malt are Summit, Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, and Citra hops packing a whopping 203 calculated IBU punch. This one has been hopped at nearly every phase possible, even in the Mash Tun. Finishing it all off is our clean fermenting house American Ale yeast.

The second beer to be tapped that night will be the Dear Agony Imperial Stout. This is monster of a beer is over a year old. Here’s a description:

This beer packs an 11% punch. Deep chocolate and dark fruit on the palate with a backdrop of hops are the order here. And although it was brewed at 104 IBU’s the much needed storage on a beer this big has left the bitterness as a balancing agent to the malt as opposed to a distinct flavor in the beer. Although much more was brewed, only a 1/6th barrel (just over 5 gallons) will be served at this time.

And if everyone can drink through the Dear Agony, Jerid will also put on his Amy’s Tripel:

A few years ago a good friend of mine passed away suddenly. Each year I brew a Tripel in her honor. This one has been brewed with organic Raw Hawaiin Cane Sugar and Corriander Blossom Honey along with Pilsner and Wheat Malt with the Belgian Yeast culture from Mattingly Brewing. The honey has lended a unique earthy note to the beer which has been nicely balanced by the phenolics of the Mattingly belgian yeast strain. Strong and complex just like the woman it honors. 10% A.B.V. 28 IBU’s