mobev.gifSo you didn’t win the contest for the MoBev Beer Tour, but there’s no need to fret. Tonight, at Bridge, MoBev will be kicking off their cross-state tour by hosting the “Night of the Breweries”. Starting at 7PM this informal meet & greet with our brewers and brewery reps is open to everyone.

Here’s a list of breweries that will have beers on tap at tonight’s event:

  • Arcadia Brewing Co.
  • Augusta Brewing Company
  • Shmaltz Brewing Company
  • O’Fallon Brewery
  • Cathedral Square Brewery
  • Unibroue
  • Vanberg & DeWulf Imports (Saison Dupont)
  • Tommyknocker
  • Binding USA (Radeberger Pilsner)
  • Left Hand Brewery
  • Wetten Imports (St. Louis Framboise)

And here’s a list of people from breweries that will be in town for the event:

  • Jeremy Cowan – Shmaltz Brewing
  • David Myers – Redstone Meadery
  • Mike Walters – Left Hand
  • Karl Braun – Unibroue
  • Rick Suarez – Arcadia
  • Ed Gustafson – Binding USA (Radeberger, Tucher, DAB, Henninger)
  • Jim Rhode -Wetten Imports (Delirium, St. Louis, Gouden Carolus, Straffe Hendrik, Lucifer, Kasteel)
  • Bob Miller – Grand Teton/Lakefront Brewery

I’ve also been told that there will be an appearance by Arlo Grammatica from Ska Brewing Company. There won’t be any Ska available that evening as they’re not distributed to St. Louis, yet. But this is a great chance to meet some really great people from the industry.