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Category: Beer Events

logo1Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month, so that must mean it’s time for another fantastic pairing of  best place to get Neapolitan Pizza in the St. Louis area, The Good Pie, and a chance to enjoy some delicious cask beer from Schlafly.

This Friday, December 4th, starting a 6PM, a representative from the St. Louis Brewery will be tapping a cask of the American Brown Ale. They’ll be serving it until the cask runs out or The Good Pie closes.

Sure, you can get cask beer at the Tap Room, but you can’t get Neapolitan Pizza to go along with it! Head on out there for some great pizza and beer.

itap.jpgCASK! CASK! CASK! CASK! Who has two thumbs and loves cask beer? This guy. Judging by other cask events in the area, I know I’m not the only one.

Well, lucky for all of us cask beer lovers, it turns out that the International Tap House will be having a Founders Centennial IPA Cask Night on Tuesday, December 8th from 7-9PM.

Not only will you have the opportunity to try delicious cask beer, but they’ll also have Founders Imperial Stout on draught as well!

But wait! There’s more! Your first $5 will pay for your first glass, and additional Founders refills are just $4. Plus, you get to keep your Founders pint glass (while supplies last). Because you can never have too much glassware.

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often so make sure to make it out to iTap on Tuesday!

SixRow_logoOne of the most unanswered questions I’ve been asked the past few months is, “What do you know about this new brewery opening up on Forrest Park Ave, near SLU?”  Unfortunately my answer, over and over again, has been: I don’t know.  The guys putting this place together have been rather hush-hush.

But, it looks like Six Row Brewery has launched their website and in an even bigger surprise, it looks like they’re opening this Saturday, December 5th at 1:00 PM.  The new website has provided a peek behind the curtain at what kind of beers they’ll be offering:


Six Row’s Kolsch is a bright, light-bodied, moderately hopped golden ale/lager hybrid beer. We ferment and age it at lower temperatures than most of our ales to make it especially smooth, clean and refreshing. “Crisp” and “spritzy” are words that might come to mind when you try it.

(ABV: 4.14%, Bitterness Units: 27.1 IBUs, Color: 3.5, Original Gravity: 10.44 degrees Plato)


What can we say about this one? A bit of luck meets years of homebrewing experience? When it came time to test out our brewing system for the first time, we needed something that we wouldn’t feel too bad about dumping if we had equipment troubles. One of our brewers had enough malt in his homebrew stock, which unfortunately wasn’t being used due to all his spare time being spent helping get Six Row started, for a batch.

However, it was a bit of a motley collection of ten (yes, ten!) malts, everything from wheat to pale to crystal to aromatic to our namesake. With a little supplemental malt from the local homebrew store, some Cascade and Goldings hops and a blend of US ale yeasts, the Whale (wheat/pale) ale was born. Pale copper in color, this is an interesting beer that has already been enjoyed by many. Let us know how you would describe it.

(ABV: 5.02%, Bitterness Units: 31.4 IBUs, Color: 5.3, Original Gravity: 12.8 degrees Plato)

Strong Porter

Dark, malty, chocolaty, great hop aroma; all can be said of Six Row’s Strong Porter. Strong because of the increased alcohol content, hop bitterness and aroma. The Strong Porter was brewed with authentic English malt along side Black and Chocolate malt to add complexity. The deepness of the malt is complimented by East Kent Goldings and Fuggle hops to balance the slight sweetness typical of traditional English Porters.

(ABV: 4.9% , Bitterness Units: 36.7 IBU’s, Color: 34.4, Original Gravity: 13.97 degrees Plato)

Extra Pale Ale

Six Row’s Extra Pale Ale is a crisp, clean, dry and unmistakably hoppy American-style pale ale. We showcase citrusy Cascade hops from the American northwest for aroma and bittering. You’ll enjoy an inviting aroma up front with a refined, smooth, bittering at the finish that doesn’t overpower despite the IBU rating. It’s “extra” pale because we use less caramel and more pale malt than your typical American pale ale. This imparts a lighter color with a sweet grain aroma and medium body.

(ABV: 6.08%, Bitterness Units: 40.3 IBUs, Color: 5.0, Original Gravity: 13.27 degrees Plato)


Six Row’s ESB is a smooth and creamy traditional English ale with great malty characteristics and hop aroma; bitterness isn’t the defining characteristic of this ale! Belonging to the Pale Ale group of beers, the Extra Special Bitter, or ESB, has a much more complex malt and hop character and a higher ABV than others in the group. We used traditional English pale ale malt combined with a substantial amount of both Fuggle and Goldings hops to make this beer well balanced and easy to drink. One of the favorites of the brewers.

(ABV: 4.47%, Bitterness Units: 33.7 IBUs, Color: 8.1, Original Gravity: 11.63 degrees Plato)

Honey Weizen

Six Row’s Honey Weizen is an easy drinking wheat beer made with a generous portion of honey from Missouri Honey in Florissant, Missouri! With a combination of white wheat malt, honey malt, and locally produced honey, the unfiltered Honey Weizen is a great example of a traditional wheat beer with a twist. The sweetness of the honey is balanced by Saaz hops, sure to please the discerning wheat beer lover and craft beer novice alike.

(ABV: 4.68%, Bitterness Units: 13.7 IBUs, Color: 5.0, Original Gravity: 12.10 degrees Plato)

There standard line up seems pretty strong, it’ll be interesting to see what the beers are like and to see what else is up their sleeve. Keeping information close to their vest seems to come naturally to these guys, so it’ll be fun to be surprised about the future.