itap.jpgFor the past few years, the Great American Beer Festival has held a Brewery/Homebrewer Pro-Am competition where a brewery works with an award winning homebrewer to produce a beer to send to the GABF competition.

This year the O’Fallon Brewery worked with the Garage Brewers Society to select a beer to send to the Pro-Am comp.  Jim Yeager’s American Amber was chosen as the winner and you’ll have a chance to try it this Saturday at the International Tap House.

Jim describes the beer as such:

In terms of the beer itself, I think of this one as a really good blend of malt complexity and citrusy american hops (I’m a huge fan of amarillo hops, so expect lots of them!). I don’t think we really have anything quite like this available locally so I’m really interested to see how people like it.

You’ll have a chance to not only try the draught version of the beer, but there will be a double dry hopped (Amarillo and Cascade) cask version available as well.

There will also be some other O’Fallon goodies available as well, including the O’Fallon O’Town Brown Ale (which according to MoBev’s Derek Bean is another beer brewed this year just for a special competition at the GABF) and, one keg of the O’Fallon St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival Fest Beer Dry Irish Stout.

This party runs from 2PM – 5PM this Saturday, August 22nd.  Sounds like a great opportunity to try some new beers from O’Fallon.