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Category: Beer Events

stable_128x126.jpgYou have to give it to The Stable’s beverage manager Jerad Gardner, he’s not one to rest upon the 2008 Best Beer Selection award from the Riverfront Times, he’s always trying to push the envelope.   So it should be no surprise that his newest creation tugs at the beer geek’s heart.

Starting this Friday, Jerad begins a series of events he calls “Firkin Fridays.” Over a number of different Fridays, Jerad will be bringing in different cask ales from different breweries around the nation. This Friday, July 3rd, beginning at 4PM, you’ll have a chance to purchase pints of Arcadia Dry Hopped Sky High Rye cask ale.

Many of us have been begging for more cask ale in the St. Louis area and Jerad, as always, has been listening.

mattingly_84x128.jpgThe Mattingly Brewing Company may now be producing full scale productions of beer, but that doesn’t stop them from showing off what’s yet to come. Tonight, Head Brewer Drew Huerter will be offering his Bentonshire Ordinary Bitter – Dry Hopped w/ Columbus. Be sure to head out tonight and taste some of Drew’s excellent beer.

Here’s a list of what to expect over the next few weeks:

6/24 Bentonshire Ordinary Bitter – Dry Hopped w/ Columbus
7/1 Bentonshire Ordinary Bitter – Dry Hopped w/ Simcoe
7/8 Sunbeam English Summer Ale
7/15 Sunbeam English Summer Ale – Dry Hopped w/ Mt. Hood
7/22 Sunbeam English Summer Ale – Dry Hopped w/ Ahtanums
7/29 Wall Cloud Smoked Steam Beer

summitSummit Distributing is bringing in some new Belgian beers and it kicking it off with an event at Cicero’s Pub to showcase these new beers.  Summit has partnered with Global Beer Network to bring in beers such as Gulden Drakk and Monks Café.

Steve Villani from Global Beers will be at Cicero’s at 5PM on June 25th to introduce the beer line to the Summit sales staff as well as the public attending the event.   This is a great opportunity to not only sample some great Belgian beers, but to also talk to Steve about what to expect from Global in St. Louis.

itap.jpgHow often has this happened to you?  You’re longing for that fresh taste of Schlafly cask beer, but you live in West County!  Sure you could drive all the way into the city to quench that thirst, but that can be a long drive, especially with Highway 40 being closed.

But *psst* come over here and I’ll let you in on a little secret.  It turns out that the International Tap House will be having a Schlafly Export IPA Cask Night on Wednesday, June 17th beginning at 8PM.

Think about it, all of the enjoyment of one of Schlafly’s most popular seasonal beers on cask in your own backyard!

explicitapaAnother day, another APA.  Not that this is a bad thing, in fact it’s a great thing.  Who among us doesn’t enjoy the citrusy, fruity aromas and flavors of an American Pale Ale?  You don’t?  Well, you may be a communist, because this is an American beer, for real Americans.

But I digress, Charleville Vineyard has begun kegging its Explicit APA and now it’s throwing a party at The Royale on Wednesday, June 17th begining at 6PM.   Not only will you be able to talk to Charleville brewers and enjoy their newest release on draught, but they’re bringing up a cask for consumption as well.

Here’s a description of the beer from the sexy new label that you see on the right:

“American Pale Ale is not only the standard but the foundry for what has inspired the craft beer movement. Here at Charleville we wanted to celebrate the beer style that stands as the corner stone for what has made American craft brewing so great. Our Explicit APA is brewed with five additions of hops prior to the wort passing through the Hopback on its way to fermentation. To complete this full bodied ale dry hops are added during cold maturation to create a hop forward ale, with a transcendental copper hue.

14 Plato (2 row, Carapils and Crystal malts)

30 IBU (Cascade and Centennial hops)

ABV 5.4%”

So go out, enjoy this beer and prove to everyone that not unlike Hulk Hogan, you’re a real American.

Newstead Tower Public House is hosting another in their line of monthly beer dinners with this dinner featuring selections from Founders Brewing. The date of the dinner is June 17th at 7PM. The cost of this event is $40 and reservations are required. You can make reservations by calling 314-535-7771.

tank7If you’ve been paying attention to the STL Hops Twitter account, you may remember my drunken tweet of, “Tank 7 from Boulevard was well worth the price of Microfest VIP ticket.”  While the message may have been sullied by a drunken blogger, it was absolutely accurate.  Tank 7 was my favorite beer of the festival and I went back three or four times to keep getting samples.

Hopefully I’m not mistaken on this, but I’m going to relay the message I’ve heard a couple of times now.  The Smokestack series Saison and the Saison-Brett do not actually start off with the same base beer, they’re two slightly different beers.  Tank 7 is actually a hoppier version of the Saison-Brett base, but without the addition of brettanomyces.

As many readers of STL Hops know, I’m not a fan of big hop aroma and flavor and Belgian yeast, the combination just doesn’t work for me.  But somehow Bouelvard found a way to pull it off and make a wonderfully refreshing summertime beer.

But I digress, to kick-off the release of the newest addition to the Smokestack Series, Boulevard will be hosting a part at Newstead Tower Public House on Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:30PM.  Boulevard rep Laura Dale will be on-hand to sample this beer as well as talk about everything that makes this beer great.