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moylans_logo_color_square2Proof that email campaigns actually do provide positive results, Moylans Brewery out of Novato, California will be arriving in St. Louis in early April.  Previously only available to us in Illinois, Moylans is the latest brewery addition from the guys at Missouri Beverage.  No word on what exactly will be coming to St. Louis just yet, but some of there beers include:

  • Moylans Hopsickle Imperial IPA
  • Moylans IPA
  • Moylans Double IPA
  • Moylans Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale
  • Moylans Tipperary Pale Ale
  • Moylans Celts Golden Ale
  • Moylans Irish Style Red Ale
  • Moylans Old Blarney Barley Wine Style
  • Moylans Imperial Stout
  • Moylans Wheat Berry

Also no word on if we’ll be seeing any draught selections coming in as well.  Hopefully reagular reader and Beer Field Service Manager Derek Bean will give us a heads up on what we can expect soon.

mattingly_84x128.jpgThe Mattingly Brewing Company‘s Wednesday Peek-a-Brew series continues tonight with the release of the Billy Pilgrim’s Imperial Czech Pilsner.  Head Brewer Drew Huerter sends over a rundown of the beer including how it got it’s name:

Our newest limited offering is a strong, golden lager. Inspired by the famous Pilsners of the Czech Republic and the American craft brewing tradition, our Billy Pilgrim’s Imperial Pilsner is an easy drinking, but powerful, hearty and flavor packed beer.

Our Imperial Pilsner takes the best characteristic of the classic Czech Pilsners and amplifies them, much as a Russian Imperial Stout is a London style Stout turned up to 11. Rich, toasty Pilsner and Munich malts lay the background for a massive rush of herbal and grassy Magnum, Mt. Hood and Sterling hops, all brought together with German Lager yeast and mellowed by months of cold storage. Huge Nobel hop flavor and aroma backed by a substantial malt underpinning are order of the day, here.

8.2% ABV   75 IBUs
*Served by the snifter, not the pint

The name ‘Bill Pilgrim’ is the protagonist from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. He is a time traveling optometrist and veteran of the famed allied firebombing of the German town of Dresden during World War II (worst sequel ever…). The reference being that if one consumes too much (or just the right amount) of this strong lager then they will find themselves ‘unstuck in time’ just like our hero from the novel.

As most of us know, beer drinking only allows time travel to the future, so don’t let anyone have enough that they end up going home with a Kilgore Trout they have mistaken for a Montana Wildhack. (If you didn’t laugh at that, it means you really need to read this book…its fantastic).

Jerad sent over the final beer list for the upcoming Beer Lovers Anonymous event happening this Saturday at The Rotten Apple. This is looking like it’s going to be a pretty fun time filled with some debauchery.  The “premium” selections below will require two tickets for consumption.  You can purchase extra tickets day of the event for $1 a piece.

beerlovers_large.jpgIf you’re interested in going, buy your bus tickets from STL Hops soon, only a few remain.


  • Allagash Black
  • Founders Rubeus
  • Founders Old Curmudgeon
  • Two Brothers Bare Trees-07
  • Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron


  • Mahluer 4
  • LagunitasCrusin with Ruben & The Jets” Pepper Stout
  • Briem 1809 Berliner Weiss
  • *Jolly Pumpkin “Noel de Calabaza-07
  • *Three Floyds Broo Doo
  • Victory “Prima Pils
  • Famtome Noel
  • *Fruili Strawberry
  • *Konigshaven Quad
  • Mikkeller “Beer Geeks Breakfast”
  • Victory “Hop Wallop”
  • *Avery “Czar” Imperial Stout
  • *Kasteel Rouge
  • *Weihenstephen Korbinian
  • *Ellezelloise Saison

Premium Table:

  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
  • *Three Floyds Behemoth
  • Dogfish Head 120 Minute
  • Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Rather than try and fight the crowds at the St. Louis Mardi Gras, the East SideBrewers did what they do best, they brewed beer!  If you weren’t able to make it out, take a look at these photos and re-live the whole day.

beerlovers_large.jpgJust a reminder that STL Hops has secured transportation to the Rotten Apple for the Beer Drinkers Anonymous party they’re putting on. For the cost of $26, you not only get transportation up to Grafton and back but a ticket to the festival and some Boulevard Single Wide for the bus ride up!

A limited number of tickets remain, so make sure you buy them from Brown Paper Tickets ASAP!

For more information check out the original post.

menuTired of places like New York and San Francisco hogging all of the beer glory, I’ve decided that St. Louis needs its own craft beer celebration.   So with that thought in mind I’ve decided to start St. Louis Craft Beer Week.  This will be a week long event beginning on May 30th and culminating on June 5th and 6th with the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival.

My idea is to provide at least a single event each night of the week for St. Louis beer fans to attend.  What will this all entail?  I’m not entirely sure yet.  But my hope is that maybe it’s draught beer specials if it’s a bar.  Maybe it’s a beer dinner if it’s a restaurant.  Maybe it’s something more interactive, like inviting a local brewer out to drink and have a discussion.  I’ve even contacted a local pub about doing a trivia night with nothing but beer related questions.

As with all things dealing with money, I realize this could easily get political.  But as many of you know I have absolutely no dog in this race which means I have no hidden objective with this.  All I want is more people exposed to the great beer St. Louis has to offer and every restaurant, bar, retail shop, brewery, etc. is one cog in that big machine.

San Francisco has over 150 events over 9 days.  While I don’t think we have the population or interest to pull something like that off, I’d like to think that one day we could.  My goal is that we have at least a single event each night of the week and with the help and support of the STL Hops readers I think we’ll get there.

I sent out an email to about 50 people in the area, if you’re a restaurant/bar, retail facility, distributor or brewery that didn’t get contacted, it’s because I accidentally forgot about you or didn’t have your email  If you’re interested please contact me at or

biglogo.JPGMark from Bigelo’s Bistro was kind enough to provide two tickets to their March Beer dinner. The dinner is on Sunday March 1st at 5 pm and Bigelo’s is located in Edwardsville, Illinois.

If you’re interested in winning tickets that include a five courses being paired with five different beers (you will be required to pay the gratuity) email with a subject of “Bigelo’s Beer Dinner” and tell me what your favorite beer is only available in Illinois. If you don’t think you’ll be able to attend, please don’t enter. I’d like to make sure that people available to attend have a chance to win. The winner will be drawn on Thursday, February 26th at 9AM. The full menu is available after the break. continue reading…