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Retail Beer Releases

  • Wine and Cheese Place (Clayton) (2/27/09)
    • Mikkeller Single Hopped Simcoe IPA
    • de Struise Black Albert Royal Stout
    • BFM Abbaye de Bon Chien 2006
    • Boulevard Single Wide IPA
    • Bell’s Consecrator Doppelbock
    • Southern Tier Oak Aged Un*Earthly
  • Bon Vivant Wines (2/27/09)
    • Capital Maibock
    • Darkhorse Blueberry Stout
    • Darkhorse Smoked Stout
    • Dogfish Head 120min IPA
    • Dogfish Head Fort
    • Lagunitas Ruben and the Jets
    • Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
    • Three Floyds Black Sun Stout
    • Three Floyds Behemoth
  • Bombay Wine and Spirits (2/26/09)
    • New Holland Brewery Mad Hatter India Pale Ale
    • New Holland Brewery Sundog Amber Ale
    • New Holland Brewery Full Circle Kolsch-style beer
    • Tommyknocker Brewery Maple Nut Brown Ale
    • Tommyknocker Brewery Pick Axe Pale Ale
    • Tommyknocker Brewery Butt Head Doppelbock Lager
    • Magners Irish Cider
    • Strongbow
    • Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider
    • Woodchuck Cider
    • Ace Cider
    • Hornsby Cider
  • Provisions Market (2/26/09)
    • Southern Tier Back Burner Imperial Barley Wine Style Ale
    • Bells Hopslam
    • Bells Amber Ale
    • Bells Two Hearted
    • Odell 5 Barrel Pale Ale
    • Bailey’s Chocolate Beer
    • O’fallon Goats Breath Bock
    • New Holland Brewery Mad Hatter India Pale Ale
    • New Holland Brewery Sundog Amber Ale
    • New Holland Brewery Full Circle Kolsch-style beer
    • New Holland Brewery The Poet
    • Tommyknocker Brewery Maple Nut Brown Ale
    • Tommyknocker Brewery Pick Axe Pale Ale
    • Tommyknocker Brewery Butt Head Doppelbock Lager
    • Tommyknocker Alpine Glacier Lager
  • Corral Liquors (2/27/09)
    • Shipyard Pugsley Series Barleywine
    • Shipyard Imperial Porter
    • Mad River Madness Black Ale
    • Wisc. Brewing Pioneer Groovy Brew Kolsch
    • Wisc. Brewing Pioneer Oderbolz Bock
    • Green Flash La Freak
    • North Coast Brother Thelonious
    • Hopslam

Restaurant and Bar Beer List Updates

  • Dressel’s Pub (2/26/09)
    • O’Fallon IPA cask
    • O’Fallon 5-Day IPA
    • Radeberger Pils
    • Karmeleit Tripel
    • Tucher Hefewiezen
    • more to come
  • The Stable (2/25/09)
    • Kasteel Rouge
    • Bells Third Coast Old Ale
    • North Coast Scrimshaw Pils
    • Southern Tier Hoppe
    • Bells Two Hearted
    • Bells Special Double Cream Stout
    • Unibroue Trois Pistoles
    • Bear Republic Racer 5
    • Rogue Brutal Bitter
    • Southern Tier Backburner
    • New Belgium Abby Grand Cru
    • Hoegaarden
    • Ommegang Hennepin
    • Samichlaus Helles
    • New Belgium Dunkel Wiesse
    • Southern Tier Cuvee 2
    • Reissdorf Kolsch
    • Boulevard Single Wide IPA
    • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
    • Schlafly Dry Hopped APA
    • Charleville Hoptimistic
    • New Belgium Mighty Arrow
    • Odell 5 Barrel Pale Ale
    • Charleville Triple Wit
  • 33 Wine Shop and Tasting Bar (2/26/09)
    • New Holland Mad Hatter
    • Left Hand Smoke Jumper
    • Ayinger Celebrator
    • North Coast Red Seal
    • Left Hand Milk Stout
    • North Coast Old Rasputin
  • The Good Pie (2/27/09)
    • O’Fallon 5 Day IPA
    • O’Fallon Smoked Porter
    • Schlafly Hefeweizen
    • Schlafly Scotch Ale
  • Barrister’s (2/24/09)
    • Bass
    • Boulevard Pale Ale
    • Carlsberg
    • Guinness
    • Sam Adams White Ale
    • Schlafly Scotch Ale
    • Smithwick’s
  • Bigelo’s Bistro (2/26/09)
    • Bell’s Hopslam
    • Schlafly APA
    • Schlafly Scotch
    • Three Floyds Alpha King
    • Bigfoot Barleywine
    • Victory Hop Devil
    • Victory Prima Pils
    • O’fallon 5 Day
    • Boulevard Wheat
    • Fat Tire
    • Allagash White
    • Bluemoon
  • International Tap House 2/27/09
    • Chimay
    • Schlafly Irish Stout
    • Maredsous No 10 (Tripel)
    • Warsteiner Pils
    • St. Louis Kriek
    • Kasteel Rouge
    • Guinness
    • Wiehenstephan
    • BLVD Single Wide
    • Franz hefe
    • Abita Turbo
    • Rouge Double Dead Guy
    • Magners
    • Koning Ludwig
    • Two Hearted
    • Lindemans Framboise
    • Hofbrau
    • Boddingtons
    • Brother Thelonious
    • Hoptimistic
    • Blanche de Chambly
    • So Tier Oak Aged Unearthly
    • Paulaner
    • Chambly Noire
    • Hoegarden
    • Hopmouth
    • Arcadia IPA
    • O’Fallon Cocoa Cream
    • Old Rasputin
    • Le Merle
    • 312
    • Arcadia London Porter
    • Pranqster
    • Racer 5
    • Hop Rod Rye

Brewery and Brewpub Beer List Updates

  • Schlafly Taproom (2/26/09)
    • Coffee Stout
    • Bock Bier
    • Irish Extra Stout
    • Scotch Ale
    • Northern English Brown Ale
    • English IPA
    • Pilsner
    • No. 15
    • Hefeweizen
    • Pale Ale
    • Dry Hopped APA
    • Oatmeal Stout
    • Cask – Northern English Brown Ale
    • Cask – Dry Hopped APA (Ahtanum)
  • Schlafly Bottleworks (2/26/09)
    • Bavarian Wheat
    • Hefeweizen
    • No. 15
    • Pale Ale
    • Dry Hopped APA
    • Coffee Stout
    • Extra Stout
    • Oatmeal Stout
  • Mattingly Brewing Company (2/26/09)
    • BrightSide Belgian White
    • Black Dawn Coffee Porter
    • Billy Pilgrim’s Imperial Czech Pilsner
    • Homeward Brown
    • Black Sky Stout Porter
    • HOPtimal APA
    • 1984 Golden Ale
    • Cardinal Direction Abbey Dubbel
  • Alandale Brewing Company (2/26/09)
    • Martzen
    • Unfiltered Wheat
    • Platinum Blonde
  • Buffalo Brewing Company (2/26/09)
    • Buffalo Gold
    • Buffalo Red
    • Buffalo Drool
    • Extra Stout
    • APA
    • Rye IPA

Here’s a list of upcoming beer events:

When I contacted Boulevard Brewing rep Laura Dale to find out if Boulevard’s newest year-round beer Single Wide IPA came in a 1/6bbl, I was shocked to have her graciously offer one up for the STL Hops Trip to the Rotten Apple (a few tickets still available.)

As cool as that was for Laura to offer it up, what I got today is even cooler.  Below is a hand written letter from Boulevard Brewmaster, Steven Pauwels given us some great information about the beer and wishing us a good trip.  Take a look:


It is a bit difficult to read, so I’ll translate it here:

To Mike Sweeney and STL Hops Members.

I hope you will enjoy this Single Wide IPA keg that Laura has here for you.

We brew this beer in a Boulevard tradition to make balanced, enjoyable beers.  This IPA is no exception and maybe to out fault made it in to a very sessionable beer.  We tried to balance the caramel slightly sweet malt notes with the floral and fruit hops character.  For a 59 IBU beer it should not take the skin off of your tongue, but rather balance between sweet and bitterness.  We used caramel and Munich malts for body and lots of Centennial and Pallisade in dry hopping for the hoppy nose.

I hope you will enjoy this Single Wide IPA and have a safe and fun trip!

stlhopswikiAs you may have noticed in the main menu bar above, we have a couple of new features, Beer Map and Beer Lists.  The Beer Map comes from our good friends at The Beer Mapping Project, they and their readers have done the work of putting together a list of breweries, bars, restaurants and homebrewing stores all over the United States and merged it into Google Maps.  Is the St. Louis Map complete?  Absolutely not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our cause and help this project out.  Feel free to submit locations and lets get our map properly filled out.

The Beer Lists link is something I’ve been pondering for quite some time and trying to figure out how to pull it off.  I’ve finally incorporated a Wiki page into the main STL Hops site which will allow for anyone to edit the lists.  The upside is that we can have any reader, retailer,  or restaurant owner provide an up to date list at any point and time.  The downside is that you do have to know a little bit about Wiki editing.  But I promise, it’s very easy.  A quick rundown is this:

If you want to bold a location name you can either highlight the name and hit the Bold button or by typing in three apostrophes before and after the word you want to bold.


If you want to use Bullet points, it couldn’t be any easier.  Put a single asterisk in for a main location and two astrisks in for the beer list.  For example:


As simple as that.  And don’t worry about screwing it up, as anyone can edit it, anyone can fix it.  It’s just important that we use it.  Also, it would be a big help to provide a date for a list similar to the way the wonderful person who edited Barrister’s list last night.  Great idea.  If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to provide assistance.

I think this could be an amazing resource if we all work together to add things as we go along.  Now, get editing!

sq1r-y-cropped-small-web-viewThree years. That’s an impressive anniversary for a restaurant, let alone a Brewpub in St. Louis. But Square One Brewery and Distillery has beat the odds and will be celebrating three years of “brewing, cooking and distilling in Lafayette Square” on Tuesday, March 3 from 4PM to 7PM. They will be offering complimentary appetizers, drink specials and will also have on hand their special third anniversary beer, Square Cubed.

There will also be plenty of raffles throughout the evening to give away things like shirts, hats, glasses, coolie cups and gift certificates. At 7:00pm they will be offering one final raffle for a Beer of the Month prize where the lucky winner will receive certificates good for 1 growler of beer a month for a year. Sounds like it’ll be a very exciting event.

I wish I had more photos from all of the events New Belgium‘s Lauren Salazar participated in, but I either A) Forgot my camera or B) Didn’t attend Wednesday night’s debauchery.  But, I did manage to remember my camera on Thursday night!   So here are some photos for you to enjoy:

blackalbertOne of the most sought after beers in the world is now available in the St. Louis region. De Struise‘s Black Albert Royal Stout was originally brewed exclusively for Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell, ME.  This beer is one of the highest rated beers in the world; BeerAdvocate’s December magazine rated it as the #1 beer in the world and RateBeer readers rated it the #4 beer in the world in Ratebeer’s Best 2008.

I’ve been told that this will be available at locations around the St. Louis area, but Paul from the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton has received it for sure.  Just a forewarning, it ain’t cheap.  I don’t remember the exact price, but a 330ml bottle was almost 10 bucks.  So, have your wallet and your taste buds prepared.

biglogo.JPGI’m pleased to announce that the winner for the two tickets to the Bigelo’s Bistro Beer Dinner is Brad Mock! Congrats to Brad and thank you everyone for entering. If you didn’t win, don’t be too upset, once again I have some cool stuff to give away soon.

I once again want to thank Mark from Bigelo’s Bistro for providing the two tickets to their March  beer dinner. I also want to thank Mark for everything he does for the Metro beer scene.  He’s gone out of his way to help beer lovers and homebrewers alike.  Make sure to patronize his restaurant and thank him for everything!