aleympicspint.jpgStaring this Thursday, January 8th Schlafly Beer will be hosting a new event called the Alelympics at select locations in the St. Louis area.  The Alelympics are a series of games that will that will allow individuals to compete in different “feats of strength and agility.”  The games include Coaster Tossing, Doubloons (which is apparently a Mardi Gras themed version of quarters) and Cup Stacking.

Now that we have all of the the official stuff out of the way it’s time for me to be the possible stick in the mud.  I don’t know how I feel about this whole event.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing cards and games while drinking (Rock Band comes immediately to mind) and I enjoy the effects of alcoho.  But there seems to be something sort of demeaning to the craft beer scene when you start involving games that were solely created to get people drunk.

But then again, maybe I’m trying to take the scene too seriously.  One of the major benefits that beer has over some of it’s brother and sister beverages is that it’s more “fun”.   It’s viewed as a more relaxed beverage than wine (which can come across as a bit snooty at times) and as such a more recreational beverage.

All of this is why I’m conflicted about this event.  I guess if this got people drinking more craft beer, then so be it.  But something tells me that a lot of these “athletes” will be playing these games with a Bud Light in their hand and then it’s not really helping anyone involved.

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