stlbrewers.gifThe 2009 St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival.  I’ll be honest, after everything that’s happened this year to St. Louis’ biggest brewery, I didn’t know if would actually happen or not, but according to the STL Today blog Lager Heads, we will see a Heritage Festival this year.  No specific date has been announced, but my guess is we see the festival on the 8th and 9th of May.

As I mentioned in last year’s Heritage announcement, we have the people that help put this event together reading this blog. So, if you have suggestions about how to improve the festival, be sure to speak up.  Here’s what I said last year about education and I stick with it:

My suggestion is more education. One of my favorite parts of the festival was having the beer style with the brewery name underneath it. This allowed people to learn about the style by taste without having to judge it on the brand name alone. But I’d love to see more beer discussion in the tents. While I enjoyed the beer and food cooking demonstrations, I’d love to see maybe a tasting demonstration. This would allow people to pick up the subtleties in the beer and understand what they’re tasting.

But let me add another.  Cask Beer.  Yes, I realize that only a few breweries in the area are equiped to produce and prepare cask beer and that even if they are equipped, it’s usually always accounted for.  But I think if you did a special tasting one or twice per session, that would be the best way to introduce a few hundred people to the enjoyment that is real ale.

What say you?  What are your ideas?