stlbrews.gifThis one is for all of those homebrewers out there. If you’re looking to get some honest feedback on your beer, a homebrew competition is the best place to start. They’re going to give you informative feedback that can only help to improve your beer. Dan Stauder of the St. Louis Brews forwarded information on to me about this year’s competition:

The Happy Holiday Homebrew Competition is the St. Louis Brews annual homebrew competition. It is a fully sanctioned AHA and BJCP event. This year it will be held on December 9, December 11, 2009 and December 12, 2009.

The location of the competition & banquet is the Annunciation Church in Webster Groves, located at 12 West Glendale Road, just South of Hwy. 44 on Elm Avenue. Here is a link to a map. We are proud to be the final qualifying event for the Twelth Annual Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing.

2 bottles per entry
Fee is $6.00 per entry
Entries must be received by Friday, December 4, 2009

Please register on the web with a valid email address. The registration page will have all the details of where to send the entries. Local dropoff will be at the local homebrew shops.

Scoresheets will be scanned and emailed back to the brewer by the next day. Currently this is the only competition that I know that scans and emails scoresheets for quick feedback to the brewer.

I plan on entering a few beers this year just to get some feedback (and if they’re good enough maybe win an award.) If you’re a homebrewer I would strongly suggest that you do the same!