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How are you spending your extra day this year? Working? Yeah, same here. On the plus side, it’s Friday, so you’ve got that going for you. What’s that? You’re working tomorrow? Yeah, me too. On the plus side…wait there is no plus side to working on Saturday. Well, at least there is always beer.

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Beer Releases and News

  • Andrew from Bon Vivant Wines informs me to some new beers he has in his stock:
    • Ommegang – Rare Vos 12oz
    • Boulder Brewing – Obovoid
    • New Holland – Night Tripper
    • Brouwerij St. Bernardus – St. Bernardus Abt 12
  • Paul at The Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton alerts me to some new beers he has in stock:
    • Great Divide Brewing – Old Ruffian Barley Wine
    • Anchor Brewing – Old Foghorn Barley Wine
    • Brasserie Duyck – Jenlain Blonde
    • Rogue Brewery – Rogue Chocolate Stout
    • Rogue Brewery – Rogue Shakespeare Stout
    • Rogue Brewery – Rouge XS Imperial IPA
    • High Falls Brewing Co. – Genesee Genny Cream Ale

Here’s a list of upcoming beer events:

first_customers_picture.jpgThanks to the wonderful weather we’ll be experiencing this weekend, Augusta Brewery has decided to take advantage of it and open its doors this Sunday.  If you’re never been to Augusta Brewery, you’re in for a real treat.  They have a wonderful patio area and delicious beer to boot.  Here’s their official weekend info:

Due to the break in the weather, Augusta Brewing will be open this Sunday

March 2nd, from 11am to 5pm.

Please make a note of the following ~ the Boone Bridge will be closed Westbound – but eastbound should be fine. You can get to Augusta from 44 through Washington (Hwy 47/Hwy 94) and you can reach Hwy 94 from I-70 or the Page extension! See the article below for all the details

Our Hours this weekend:

Friday & Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm

It’s supposed to be 60 degrees on Sunday, seems like the perfect time to go out and drink some beer.

If you got your hands on this week’s RFT, you had a chance to read Ian’s review of Tigín, a new Irish pub located in downtown St. Louis. Ian touched briefly on the beer menu, but I thought I would delve into it a bit deeper. Now, one quick disclaimer, I have not yet visited Tigín, I’m only commenting on the beer menu as I see it.


As this is an Irish pub, seeing beers such as Guinness, Harp, Bass and Newcastle on draught doesn’t bother me that much. In fact, I’d be almost insulted if an Irish bar didn’t carry them. Hell, I don’t even mind seeing Budweiser on draught, this is St. Louis after all. But that bottle list is pretty awful. Heineken? Miller Genuine Draft? Smirnoff? Corona?

I realize that this location is near the Edward Jones Dome and so they’re going to be seeing a lot of tailgating and conventioneers but does that really mean you need to carry both MGD and Miller Lite? Do we really need a tap handle of Bud and Bud Light? I’m not so hoity toity to think that every beer needs to be a craft product, but do we really need to double or triple up on similar styles? I guess for a chain restaurant it’s impressive to see things such as Lindeman’s Framboise, Duvel and Chimay, but Ian’s comparison to Applebee’s isn’t too far off.

In their defense Tigín claims to serve the best glass of Guinness in St. Louis due to their Nitrogen/CO2 mixture. I’d argue that 39 degrees is a bit too cold for Guinness, but I applaud them for trying to keep some semblance of temperature control for beer, something that is lacking in even some of the best beer bars in St. Louis.

I plan on visiting Tigín in the near future, but it looks like I’ll probably be sticking to a Guinness.

buf2.jpgI’ve mentioned Buffalo Brewing a couple of times now, but it’s looks like we’re in the home stretch now. According to Dave from O’Fallon Brewery the final inspections are occurring and he hopes to be brewing on Sunday. Wondering what kind of beers they plan on offering? Well lucky for you, Buffalo Brewing now has a website which also provides a quick rundown of their first beer offerings:

Buffalo Gold
Is brewed with premium American barley, wheat and imported hops. This light colored ale has a light malt flavor and smooth finish
5% ABV – 15 IBU

Chili Beer
Our Fun Beer!
Is brewed with highly modified premium American Barley, wheat and imported hops. Our chili ale has a light flavor and subtle spiciness.
5% ABV- 15IBU

Buffalo Drool
Our interpretation of the American Brown Ale. It’s brewed with six American grains and American hops. Our brown ale has a strong malt backbone and slight chocolate flavor, with a hint of hops in the finish
5.5% – 15 IBU

Buffalo Red
It’s brewed with four premium American grains and premium American hops. Our red ale has a strong malt backbone and a high hop flavor.
5.6% – 30 IBU

Buffalo Drool sounds a lot like Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewery in Montana. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Moose Drool, so if Buffalo Drool is anything like it, we’re in for a treat.

Edit: Dave informed me that they’re also be carrying two seasonal beers, starting with a Bavarian Hefe and a Rye IPA.

Back in November I mentioned that we would probably see a rate hike in the price of beer due to the skyrocketing price of hops and malt. But now it looks like we have something else that’s green causing prices to jump, the US Dollar. It seems that currency rates are causing importers like Shelton Brothers to raise prices to battle the deficit between the Dollar and the Euro.

Paul from the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton let me know that beer prices will be rising from $6 to $27 dollars per case starting in March. Here are just some of the price increases that we’ll be seeing:

  • Brasserie de Rocs all flavors $1.00 / btl
  • Blaugie Darbyste and Epautre…$2.50 / btl
  • Buffalo Stout $1.00
  • Delirium both…$1.50 / 25oz btl and 4pks $1.50
  • Cantillons…$1.00 btl
  • JW Lees in casks….$2.00 btl
  • La Choulette…$2.00 btls
  • St. Bernardus $2-3 / 4pk

If you want to keep a little extra money in your pocket, it may be worthwhile to stock up on some of your favorites now before the March prices kick in.

Sorry again about the lack of posting this week, it’s been pretty hectic. I promise that next week will be better. In the meantime, here’s the Round-Up:

Stuff from around the web

Beer Releases and News

  • Andrew from Bon Vivant Wines informs me to some new beers he has in his stock:
    • Ommegang – Rare Vos 12oz
    • Boulder Brewing – Obovoid
    • New Holland – Night Tripper
    • Brouwerij St. Bernardus – St. Bernardus Abt 12
  • Jerad from Piasa Winery lets me know about some beer beers he has to offer you:
    • Boston Brewing Company – Sam Adams Triple Bock
    • Schmaltz Brewing – Jewbelation Eleven
  • Paul at The Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton alerts me to some new beers he has in stock:
    • Unibroue – Unibroue 17th Anniversary
    • Kulmbacher Brauerei AG – Mönchshof Kellerbräu
    • Brasserie de Blaugies – Saison De L’Epeautre
    • Brasserie de Blaugies – Bière Darbyste
    • North Coast Brewing Co. – Le Merle

Here’s a list of upcoming beer events:

O’Fallon Brewery looks to be hosting yet another beer dinner and this time it’s at the Big Sky Cafe.  This dinner will be hald on March 5th and will feature a three course dinner that has been designed by executive chef Lisa Slay:

O’Fallon Gold Beer Battered Spring Rolls w/ peach red chile sweet & sour sauce
paired with O’Fallon Wheat

Duck Confit Flatbread w/ goat cheese, red onion & spinach
paired with O’Fallon 5-day IPA

Maytag Blue Cheese & Pepper Bacon Bison Sliders w/ Vermont white cheddar cheese & tobacco onions
paired w/ O’Fallon Smoked Porter

Anytime you see duck confit on the menu, that’s a must attend in my book.  While the menu looks tasty, the best part about this dinner is the extremely reasonable price of $37 per person.  Call 314-962-5757 for reservations as I’m sure this one will fill up quick.