What is it about beer events on Saturdays that means, “Hey! It’s time to freeze your butt off!” It’s May, I shouldn’t have to worry about frostbite. But on the plus side, there was always beer to make the event tolerable. Irene and I headed out to O’Fallon Brewery on Saturday morning to begin the day with the Garage Brewing Society. When we arrive at about 11:30, things were in full swing.




Many different kinds of brewing systems. The photo in the lower right is Drew Huerter sparging his American English Barleywine.


You can always count on two thing to warm you up, fire and beer. In this case this beer is Augie Altenbaumer’s Rye Pale Ale that was brewed for the upcoming Heritage Festival.



We then celebrated the worldwide toast at Noon. This was a touching toast that not only celebrated homebrewing but to honor Beer Hunter Michael Jackson as well.



Homebrewers weren’t the only ones brewing on Saturday. Brian Owens, the head brewer at O’Fallon, was brewing up a batch of the O’Fallon Pumpkin Ale. Brian accidentally forgot the rice hulls in this batch until he had sparged about six barrels. Whoops! We then made our way to Worm’s Way to visit the St. Louis Brew’s event.





When we arrived here you may notice something a bit different, sunshine! It finally warmed up a bit and made for a more enjoyable experience. Once again you had not only a bunch of brewers brewing beer, but plenty of beer tasting as well.


This is Anthony Harvey’s new brewing system based on a Brutus 10. Irene refused to let me build one as she was fairly certain that I would burn down the house. I can’t say she’s entirely wrong.