bourbon_left.jpgI know I’m very random about which new beer releases get their own post and which get just get put on the Friday Round-Up.  I’ll be honest, the reason is that there are just some beers I’m far more excited about than others.  That’s not to say those are beers aren’t important.  I’m just easily excitable about some beers.

Goose Island‘s Bourbon County Stout is one of those that tickles my fancy.  It’s just a wonderfully complex beer that gets better and better with each sip.  This beer is perfect for these cool fall evenings to just sit back and savor.  Paul from the Wine and Cheese Place now has this year’s beer available for $17.99 a four-pack.  For added fun, visit Andy over at the Galleria Whole Foods and pick up four-pack of the 2007 and sample them side by side.

I often have people asking me about aging beers.  I’m happy to say this is one of the best examples of what giving a beer a little age will do.  You’d be remiss if you have a cellar and don’t have this beer in your collection.  Go out and buy some today.