mattingly_84x128.jpgThe Mattingly Brewing Company may now be producing full scale productions of beer, but that doesn’t stop them from showing off what’s yet to come. Tonight, Tonight, Head Brewer Drew Huerter will be offering the Abominator Smoked Doppelbock. Here’s Drew’s description of the beer:

This is the first beer brewed on the brewhouse at MBC. It was my calibration batch. It was also when I realized that the Mash/Lauter tun is extremely efficient. I thought I would be brewing a Smoked Oktoberfest, but when I took a gravity reading with at the end of collection, I was stunned. It was at 1.070…so much for an Oktoberfest.

At this point, my plan changed, and I only had so much fermenting capacity in the cellar, so I boiled it down until it came close to fitting. Hours and hours of boiling later, a massive smoked Doppelbock emerged. Months and months of fermentation later and the Abominator came to be. 54 weeks since it was brewed, we release it to just before 2010. At 13% ABV, please be careful, and enjoy!

Be sure to head out tonight and taste some of Drew and Jerid’s excellent beer.