Who’s ready for some Christmas? Eh? Eh? Well I know what I’m ready for, Festivus. Tonight we’ll be airing our grievances and then come the feats of strength. It’ll be a lot of eating, drinking and yelling. If that’s not what the holidays are all about, I don’t know what is.

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Beer Releases and News

  • Paul at The Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton alerts me to some new beers he has in stock:
    • O’Fallon Brewery – Chocolate Cherry
  • Paul also informed me that after a 97 year wait, the “real” Absinthe is back. Absinthe with the wormwood. So if you’re looking to see the green fairy, nows your chance. He also informs me that his XMas beers are on sale for the holiday.
  • Jerad from Piasa Winery let’s me know about some beer beers he has to offer you:
    • Lagunitas – Lumpy Gravy
    • August Schell Brewing Co – Snowstorm
    • Boulder Beer Company – MOJO
    • Brouwerij Huyghe – Delirium Noel
    • Victory Brewing – Hop Devil

Here’s a list of upcoming beer events:

Sorry for the short Round Up, not much got released and not much going on. Everyone must be preparing for the holidays. Make sure you have a safe and wonderful holiday and luckily if it’s not wonderful there’s always good beer that can be had.