mattingly_84x128.jpgThe Mattingly Brewing Company may now be producing full scale productions of beer, but that doesn’t stop them from showing off what’s yet to come. Tonight, Head Brewer Drew Huerter will be offering his Black Past Historical Porter. Drew gives a description of the beer:

Porters were the fuel of the London laborers around the time of the Industrial Revolution. This version of our Black Sky Stout Porter is a throwback to the beverage of choice in the mid 1700s in that great city following its tremendous fire. Our Black Sky Stout Porter is blended with a portion of the Abominator Smoked Doppelbock then aged on toasted oak with a culture of Brettanomyces and Lactobaccilius from England. 8% ABV

Be sure to head out tonight and taste some of Drew’s excellent beer.