I finally got to attend my first St. Louis Brews meeting last night and had a fantastic time. Got to try some excellent homebrews and meet some extremely knowledgeable homebrewers. I want to thank them all for making me feel very welcome.


  • Stephen from Schlafly informs me that the Biere de Garde served at the 2007 Hop in the City festival was bottled into 750ml bottles this week and will be on shelves within the next two weeks.
  • Augusta Brewing Company is going to begin bottling and selling their Farmhouse/Belgian Ales in 750ml bottles. They’re holding a survey/contest to decide on the labels for these bottles. The winner of the contest will enjoy two bottles of the initial release as well as two Belgian glasses as well.
  • Dan George of the St. Louis Brews is holding two class at Forest Park Community College that provide an Intro to Homebrewing. If you’re looking to start or just want to know more about the craft of brewing, please be sure to sign up. Here’s a link to the class info.
  • Andrew at Bon Vivant Wines let’s me know they just received these seasonals and specials:
  • Great Divide Yeti Oak Aged
  • Two Bros Fresh Hop
  • New Holland Ichabod
  • Lagunitas Imperial Red
  • Clipper City Winter Storm
  • Avery Kaiser

Here’s a list of upcoming beer events:

Bill and I (with our significant counterparts) will be attending the Augusta Bottoms Beer Festival tomorrow, I encourage you to go too. If you’re unable to attend I plan on taking plenty of pictures and trying to get as much info back to you as possible about this event., it should be a great time. If you do happen to attend, if you a fat guy with glasses with an asian girl make sure to come up and say hi.